Turkish Space Cat Program

Turkey expects to send its first rocket to the moon as early as 2023, announced the Turkish president last week, and emphasized that he is aiming for “the top league in the global space race.”

“The first animal to travel out in space was the space dog Laika. It was a triumph that stunned the world,” said the president. “We will continue on this glorious path and as a natural development in our efforts to re-establish Turkey as a world power include our country’s many stray cats in our space program. Our aims within the next ten years includes to establish a space port for all stray cats and to send the first stray cat out to explore the Milky Way. The selection process has already begun around our streets and we hope soon to have found the right candidates. We put our trust in our beloved stray cats.”


IDEA, VIDEO, ANIMATION: Steen Andersen // @just_another_alter_ego