Intentions Exhibition


In July 2021 Die Dada Welt participated in the group exhibition “INTENTIONS” at Akbank Sanat in Istanbul curated by Gül Demirdag. Our contribution to the exhibition was the 5 minute video “END TABOO” about how to overcome some of this worlds taboos that are keeping people trapped in destructive patterns of thoughts and actions.

IDEA: Goktug Günal, Sila Yalazan, Steen Andersen

CONCEPT: Sila Yalazan, Steen Andersen

DRAWINGS: Sila Yalazan

STORY & SCRIPT: Steen Andersen

VIDEO & EDIT: Steen Andersen

ASSISTANTS: Simon Lund, Aya Valeria Glob Laurvig


Intentions poster



Die Dada Welt talk at the Intentions exhibition can be heard in the video at time 11:52-13:16 and 21:50-27:23 and 37:06-38:52.

PHOTOS: Akbank Sanat and Acik Diyalog and Sila Yalazan